Welcome to Ithaca! At the heart of a bustling college town, New Life Presbyterian Church welcomes new students every year! At New Life, both undergraduate and graduate students can find community, a home, a place to really participate in worship, and opportunities to serve the church family as well as our city neighbors. Read below about our Adopt-a-Student program and about Chesterton House and other campus student ministries.



Adopt-a-Student aims to build relationships between college students and others within the New Life church family. We encourage any students to sign up who are looking for connections, home-cooked meals, or just a helping hand.

If you’re interested in being adopted or in adopting a student, fill out the following form or contact for more info.

Adopter or Adoptee?

Thanks for connecting!

Chesterton House Center for Christian Studies at Cornell

Chesterton House exists to facilitate the discovery of the intellectual riches of the historic Christian faith, thereby empowering more faithful Christian living. New Life elder Karl Johnson is founding director of Chesterton House.

Cornell University Campus Ministries

Cornell University has over twenty Christian campus groups—too large a list for us to maintain.


Find a list of Cornell student ministries below:
Campus on a Hill: Ministries

You can also search Cornell’s student organizations.


Ithaca College Campus Ministries

Awaken Fellowship
A student-led campus group

Protestant Community
A college-affiliated campus group



Disclaimer: New Life Presbyterian Church does not necessarily endorse any of the listed campus ministries but only seeks to provide students with helpful resources for finding Christian community on campus.